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Lilith Guégamian was born in Armenia. Arrived in France at the age of 4, she became very interested in the guitar and pursued musical studies which led her  to a gold medal at the ENM of Hay-les-Roses, in the class of Tania Chagnot.

She also studied guitar with Roland Dyens, Leo Brouwer and Alvaro Pieri in France and abroad. At the same time, Lilith followed harmony and counterpoint lessons at Fontenay-sous-bois in the classes of Solange Chiapparin and Christine Menesson, then at the CRR in Lyon.

Then started a life of concerts, composition and teaching ...

First, guitarist of the tango quintet "Tres y dos", then of the singer Céline Blasco, with whom she recorded two albums, Lilith began in 2006 to perform solo ... Initially made up of pieces for solo guitar of her composition (published by Rubin then at Productions d'Oz), her program is sometimes enriched with songs (coming from her native Armenia, or from India that she loves and that she has visited three times), and sometimes with her own compositions in French.

Lilith also performs regularly with the Saté-âtre company (shows "Les Preux de Sassoun", "Que souffle le vent" and "Anahit").

At the end of 2007 her first album "Eclairée par une luciole" was released. "Lilith's writing is full of finesse and imagination. Her music is a fairy tale… ”

In 2009, she devoted herself to writing - lyrics and music - songs in French and, in September 2010, recorded her second album entitled "De passage ...".

"Her musical esperanto is the emotion that she takes to pretty highs ... "M.Kemper

"Lilith takes us, for our greatest pleasure, on a journey in music, languages, colors, flavors, emotions on edge ..." F. Gagnol

In 2018, Lilith released “Au milieu de l'immensité”, her third solo album: compositions for solo guitar, arrangements (very revisited) of Armenian themes for guitar and voice, and some songs in French of her own composition.

Since the 2010s, Lilith composes music for theater and dance compagnies: music for the dance performance "Mademoiselle Piou-Piou" for the company Antarès in Craponne, music for the theater "Le Dieu du carnage" by Y. Reza for the company Saté-atre (creation in Armenia in 2018 during the week of francophony).

In 2019, Sandrine Verrycken asked Lilith to create twelve musics for guided meditations, "Voyages divins" around twelve goddesses, meditations that will appear in March 2020 on the website.

Lilith Guegamian teaches classical guitar at the Villefranche-sur-Saône Conservatory, since 2008. She was the guest composer at the Ceyzériat national guitar competition in 2014 and in 2016. She takes part in numerous juries, including, in 2018, the jury of artistic teaching assistants specializing in guitar. She wrote in 2018, following an order from the conservatories of the Loire, a piece for guitar orchestra "Si ..." dedicated to Roland Dyens .... Roland Dyens, who had prefaced the collections of pieces for guitar by Lilith:

“Lilith Guégamian, I have known her since the 90s, and my first impression concerning her was then-was already: here is one who is not a classical, classical guitarist. I felt that she did indeed hold this treasure that I have always called flexibility and which is not given to everyone, far from it. That she would start composing afterwards would hardly have surprised me, that she would also write great songs either. All this is in perfect harmony with her Armenia and her character both greedy and fulfilled. So ... So enjoy these pieces that stick so well to the guitar. Thanks to them you will travel quickly and far! » R. Dyens

"I will go, I will go where life has to take me ……… .."


Compositions for different instrumental formations


For dance:

★ “Mademoiselle Piou-Piou” creation at Craponne in 2014, commissioned by the company Antarès


For the theater:

★ "Le Dieu du Carnage", created in 2018 in Armenia during the Francophonie week, commissioned by the Saté-âtre company


For meditations:

★ “Voyages divins”, created in 2020 on the AstroEtik site, commissioned by Sandrine Verrycken

Guitar publications:

★ Publications in 2007 by Editions Rubin of pieces for guitar: « Un nouveau jour », « Eclairée par une luciole » , « Pas maintenant »(pour deux guitares), « La ronde des sorcières et la naissance des déesses »

★ Publications in 2013 to Editions Rubin distributed by Robert Martin of the educational books "Couleurs de l'Inde" (cycle 1) and "Couleurs d'Armenie" (cycle 2), all of these pieces having been imposed in the guitar competition Ceyzériat in 2014

★ Publications since 2017 of numerous pieces by Productions d'Oz: “Parfums d'Arménie” (educational collection for cycle 1 students), “Hov arek” (traditional Armenian piece arranged for solo guitar), “Juste deux .. .quoi? / Accords (perdus) "(2 pieces for guitar ensemble)," Si ... (to Roland Dyens in infinity) "(for guitar orchestra, double bass and electric guitar),"Au milieu de l'immensité" (for guitar solo) ..


Solo albums : 

 « Éclairée par une luciole »,  2007

★ « De passage », 2010

★ « Au milieu de l'immensité » , 2018

Albums  as Céline Blasco's Guitarist and arranger :

★ « Les rondeurs d’argile », 2002

★ « La negra », 2005  

Album as a guest Guitarist by  «Enfance et musique »

★ « Les 3 papas », en 2006


★ Musician and actress in « Alice et Martin » by André Téchiné, 1998 with Juliette Binoche


Some concert places:

Dash Blaze in Londres, Péniche Anako in Paris, festival « Tout l’monde dehors »  in Lyon,  Villa Gillet in Lyon, festival du lac in Lausanne,  Espace Kiron in Paris, « Athouboutd’chant » in  Lyon, ...

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